Friday, June 13, 2008

Sister Sister

Matt and Aaron, two roommates and friends, are in this totally awesome band called Sisters. My band toured with them in the spring and it made the experience 100x more cool. The other day they asked me to take some photos of them. Here are my two favorites.

Matt is wearing a Warble shirt. The Warble is a band from Memphis that we played with on tour. Judith and Alex, who are both amazing and talented, let us crash at their house. Thanks dudes if you read this.

We play too much Wii

Mack is one of the original roommates at the Dude Ranch. He loves push-ups, skateboarding, big sweatpants, Latin, and rompers. He commutes every week to take classes at Harvard and does set design for a part-time job. I got him hooked on Lost and he developed a serious crush on Sawyer. This is what he looks like:

This is Waluigi.

The top photo is one of a series that I took when he was having a philosophical debate with Travis, a friend of the Ranch. Here are a few more photos from the series.

Doesn't Travis look like a cardboard cut-out?

And Mack looks like he is going down a roller coaster.

Blow Jobs!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tim's Birthday

Tim is one of our newest roommates. He's in a band and works for a fancy magazine during the day. He's nice and cool and looks exactly like my brother. On his birthday, I wanted to do something special so I shot-gunned a beer for the first time. Then I did it again with my friends, Angie and Caitlin. Here is a video.

Then we drank this scotch we got from my British roommate, Oliver, which tasted like smoky tree bark. Then everyone was drunk. Then this happened.

Both videos courtesy of the lovely, Angie Sullivan.

Wheelchair Joust!!!! Tim (blue sweatshirt) vs. Mack (another roommate, yellow t-shirt). Tim wins! Happy Birthday.


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